Prevents injuries from vibrations in your hands

Monitors vibrations and alerts you and your supervisor in real time.


HAVS Protect vibration sensor
HAVS Points table
ISO 5349 and

HAVS Protect safeguards against injuries caused by vibrations.

With a patent pending placement of a vibration sensor, we monitor all vibrations and warns you before it gets dangerous.

ISO 5349 provides guidelines for measuring hand and arm vibrations, suggesting that the optimal location for measurement is within the hand itself. However, this area is precisely where users need to grip their tools, which presents a practical challenge for sensor placement.

In response to this, HAVS Protect has strategically positioned the sensor on top of the hand, which is the next most suitable location. While this is not the exact spot recommended by ISO 5349, it is a necessary adaptation to enable the continuous use of power tools without obstruction. 

Not just a vibration sensor

Our system extends beyond just sensing vibrations. It integrates real-time monitoring, incident reporting, and preventative measures, all managed through the Copyl Risk Management system. This holistic approach helps ensure worker safety from detection to mitigation.

HAVS Protect vibration sensor.


Our sensor diligently tracks hand and arm vibrations in compliance with ISO-5349 standards, ensuring precise monitoring for your safety and health management.

Mobile app

Connects to the HAVS device via Bluetooth, analyzes data, syncs with the cloud, and displays real-time and monthly exposure history.

Alerts you and your manager

Upon reaching 100, 256, or 400 HAV points, automatic alerts are triggered to both you and your safety manager, ensuring immediate attention to your work environment conditions.

Integrated Risk Management

Through our partnership with Copyl, workplace safety officers now wield a comprehensive risk management system to oversee and mitigate occupational hazards effectively.

Compliance with Regulations

The device helps employers effortlessly adhere to occupational health and safety regulations regarding vibration exposure. By ensuring compliance, it minimizes the risk of legal repercussions and fines associated with non-compliance.


Cost Savings

By preventing vibration injuries, the device reduces the potential for expensive medical claims, workers’ compensation, and potential litigation costs. This can represent a significant financial saving for the company.

Streamlined Risk Management Protect simplifies risk management by automatically generating incident reports from device data, providing safety managers with a semi-automated tool for prompt risk assessment. Every assessment is systematically logged, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and facilitating a swift, data-driven response to mitigate risks.

Health and Safety Improvement

Continuous monitoring of vibration exposure contributes to a safer workplace. This proactive approach can lead to better health outcomes for employees, reducing sick leaves and associated costs.

Increased Productivity

Employees protected from excessive vibration exposure can work more efficiently and with greater focus. The reduction in injuries means fewer disruptions in the workflow and thus higher productivity.

Data-Driven Decisisions

With accurate data on vibration exposure, employers can make informed decisions on equipment purchase, maintenance, and operation schedules, optimizing the allocation of resources.

Reputation and Branding

Employers using state-of-the-art health and safety devices can enhance their reputation as a responsible and attractive employer, which can be beneficial for branding and recruitment.

Avoiding Vendor Lock-in

HAVS Protect offers a versatile solution for measuring vibrations across a diverse range of tools, eliminating the need for purchasing equipment from a single vendor.

This flexibility presents a significant strategic advantage, as it caters to a broader market and accommodates various user preferences and tool requirements.

Benefits for Employers

Benefits for Users

Unobtrusive and Glove-Friendly

The device fits neatly on top of the hand, leaving fingers free to move and doesn’t get in the way, even with gloves on.

Health Preservation

Regular use of the device can help prevent the onset of conditions associated with HAVS, such as white-finger disease, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other vibration-related neurological or vascular disorders.

Reduced Sick Leave

By avoiding these health issues, users are likely to experience fewer days off work due to sickness, maintaining a consistent income and avoiding the stress of long-term health issues.

Career Longevity

Protecting one’s health ensures a longer and more sustainable career, especially in professions that involve the use of vibrating tools and machinery.

Proof of Safety Practices

The device records can serve as a testament to an individual’s commitment to safety, which can be a valuable asset when seeking new employment or demonstrating compliance with safety protocols to future employers.

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