HAVS Protect sensor

We take pride in our inaugural innovation, dedicated to eradicating injuries caused by vibrations.

Designed to endure challenging conditions, our device is both lightweight and robust, ensuring reliable performance in tough environments.

Assembled in Sweden

We assemble and rigorously test each device in Sweden before shipping to our customers. This process guarantees high-quality products and ensures that you receive units free from any defects, upholding our commitment to excellence and reliability.

Patent pending

Our device features a unique, patent-pending design with sensors positioned on the top of the hand. This innovative placement allows full freedom of hand movement, enabling you to use all fingers naturally, as if you’re not wearing the device at all.

Glove friendly

Glove friendly
Size 10 glove w sensor under

We have designed the sensor device as thin and small as possible, so you can use any gloves over the unit.

What's included

In addition to the device that you attach to your hand, a charging cable is also included, which can be connected to a mobile charger (USB-A). To maintain the device’s water and dust resistance, the charging cable connects to a magnetic contact on the casing.

Note that the mobile charger is not included.

Secure early access to the HAVS Protect device

Secure your early access to the HAVS.io testing phase – Pre-order your device today.

Note: Device pending CE certification.