Terms of use

These terms of use contain important information that is essential for the correct and safe use of HAVS Protect. By using HAVS Protect, you agree to these terms.

Accuracy and use of measurement data

Measurement data from HAVS Protect should be regarded as indicative and not as exact values. Several factors, including device placement and pressure against the hand, affect the accuracy of the measurement result. In addition, the physical properties of the hand, such as thickness and density, can affect how representative the measurements are of the vibration exposure inside the hand. Users are advised to treat this data as a helpful indicator rather than as definitive metrics.

Correct placement of the sensor unit

For optimal function, the sensor unit should be placed on the user’s dominant hand. For right-handed users, this means that the device should be on the right hand and vice versa for left-handed users. The sensor unit is intended to be worn directly against the skin on the top of the hand and under gloves. This protects the device against external influences such as moisture and dust.

Measurement data being recorded

HAVS Protect is designed to measure and record the following data:

– Vibration exposure
– Usage time, both in total and in connection with the use of power tools
– Ambient temperature

This data collection contributes to a better understanding and management of risks related to vibration exposure.

Charging under supervision

It is strongly recommended to always charge the device under supervision. This means that the device should be charged in an environment where you can easily monitor it and quickly intervene should something abnormal occur. Avoid charging the device overnight or when you are not present.

Using charging bag

For additional safety, the use of a special charging bag during the charging process is recommended. ATTENTION! Charging bag not included. The charging case is designed to reduce the risk of fire and other safety issues in the event of a battery failure. Place HAVS Protect in the charging bag and then plug in the charging cable. Make sure the bag is tightly closed and place it on a non-flammable surface during charging.

Charging at correct temperature

Remember that HAVS Protect should only be charged in environments with temperatures above 0°C. At temperatures below 0°C, the battery may be damaged, which is indicated by a red flashing light on the device. Immediately stop charging and unplug the device if this happens.

Battery Warranty

If the battery in your HAVS Protect device stops working or exhibits significantly reduced capacity within the warranty period, we will replace the battery at no extra cost. To take advantage of the battery warranty, you must send the device to our service department for inspection and possible battery replacement.

Conditions for Warranty Claims

For the warranty to be valid, the following conditions must be met:

– The device must not have been opened, tampered with or modified in any way.
– The damage must not have been caused by incorrect use, accidents, negligence or external influences.
– The warranty does not cover damage to the outer shell of the device caused by the user or damage due to moisture.

If the device has been opened or if the shell is damaged in a way that indicates external influence or abuse, the warranty is void.

Process for Warranty Cases

To claim the warranty, please contact our customer service for detailed instructions on how to send in your device. Include a description of the problem and copies of all relevant purchase documents.

We are committed to providing high quality service and will do our best to quickly handle your case and restore your device to working order.

Please note that this warranty only covers defects in materials and workmanship and not damage caused by external circumstances or improper use. If you have any questions, contact our customer service for further assistance.

Mobile App Updates

Updates to the HAVS Protect app are released periodically to improve the device’s functions or fix bugs. Users are encouraged to regularly update their mobile app to ensure optimal performance.

Disclaimer for Third Party Use

HAVS Protect is intended for use within the given specifications. The manufacturer assumes no responsibility for improper use, modifications or use in combination with non-approved third-party add-ons.

Cloud Connect Subscription

Subscription Information

Cloud Connect is an optional subscription that offers cloud-based storage of collected data from HAVS Protect. This subscription enables features such as:

– Dispatch of alarms at critical vibration levels.
– Automatic generation of event reports.
– Access to data for risk management and analysis.

Included Subscription

Every purchase of HAVS Protect includes a 12-month free subscription to Cloud Connect. After the first year, the user has the option to renew the subscription at a cost of SEK 990 per year.

Storage and Use of Data

All data collected and stored via Cloud Connect is saved in Copyl’s system. This system supports risk management and can be used by supervisors, safety representatives and company health. It should be noted that access to Copyl’s full functionality requires a separate license that is not included in the purchase of HAVS Protect.

Data Protection and Privacy

We are committed to protecting users’ data. All information collected and stored via Cloud Connect is handled in accordance with applicable data protection laws and the company’s privacy policy.