HAVS Protect app

Connects your device with the cloud.

Built to protect you

We’ve dedicated considerable time and resources to developing an application that assists you in comprehending the hazards associated with excessive vibration exposure.

The app is available in English, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Deutsch, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese and French. 

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Real-time status update

Real-time status

The sensor transmits vibration data to the app, which then forwards it to the cloud service. This service calculates and returns your current 8-hour Hand-Arm Vibration (HAV) Points.

Color scheme that describes your HAV points.

Colors overview

Our app utilizes an intuitive color-coded system to indicate vibration exposure levels – green for low risk, yellow for moderate, orange for high, and red for extreme. This simple, visual guide helps you quickly assess and manage your exposure to vibrations, ensuring your safety.

Historical data

Our app offers a valuable feature that allows you to view your vibration exposure history over the past month.

This insight is crucial for both immediate and long-term health and safety planning

Your privacy

Your data is securely stored in the EU and is kept private, shared only with your safety manager if necessary.

We ensure all data traffic and your account are encrypted using best practices, offering you strong protection and peace of mind.

Secure early access to the HAVS Protect device

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Note: Device pending CE certification.